December 9, 2019

With family and friends coming to the house for the holidays, be sure your home's air quality not only smells good but is healthy too!  Now is the perfect time for an annual cleaning of your air ducts...a vital part of your central unit's maintenance.

It's important to...

November 11, 2019

How cold does it get in West Tennessee in November, December, and January? The weather service has been compiling years and years of data and the average low temperatures for West Tennessee are as follows:

  • November average low temperature in West Tennessee: 38

  • ...

October 21, 2019

What lurks in the duct work of your home or business? 

Annual cleaning of your air ducts is a vital part of your central unit's maintenance.

It's important to have them cleaned to avoid:

  • Mold growth inside those hard duct surfaces exposed to heat/cold/condensation.

  • ...

September 23, 2019

Can your system's air filter help prevent allergies in your home? 

Everyone thinks of 'springtime' allergies - but did you know FALL brings its own set of allergies? Mold, Goldenrod, Ragweed, and other fall season allergies can cause folks as many problems as do sp...

September 23, 2019

You'll be hearing everywhere that Monday, September 23rd is the first day of fall. While that's the day decided upon because of the Fall equinox...our area's first day of fall, technically, won't arrive until Friday, September 27th.

How can that be?

The definition of the...

September 9, 2019

It's time for AIR MD's FALL HVAC preventative maintenance check! Fall arrives on the calendar September 23rd - and you can rest assured cooler, then much colder

August 12, 2019

When dangerously hot weather comes to West Tennessee. We get advice about how to take care of ourselves and our pets...(click those links for more info).

But what should we do about one of the biggest investments in your home: your AC system?     

To make it e...

July 23, 2019

A leaky faucet, hidden leaking water pipe, or any situation that results in water damage to your home may be occurring without you even knowing it.

The effects of a water leak can seriously affect your family's health. It could also be affecting the health of your home'...

July 23, 2019

Most folks think that spring is the only season for allergies. Not true at all. In fact, West Tennessee is one of the worst areas in the nation for summer allergies caused by mold and mildew. Late July through the end of August can be especially difficult. 

AIR MD can...