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Water leaks can cause serious illness as well as critical damage to your home

A leaky faucet, hidden leaking water pipe, or any situation that results in water damage to your home may be occurring without you even knowing it.

The effects of a water leak can affect your health, and your home's value. To help you grasp the dangers of even a small amount of water damage, as well as how it can impact your health and home, here are just a handful of issues that can occur with just a simple water leak.

Mold and fungus:

A basic water leak, gone undetected, can be creating serious mold and fungi issues in your home. These produce spores that infiltrate your air and can result in serious health issues. Every home has some amount of mold spores, it's part of what occurs in West Tennessee with our high humidity, but when those spores come in contact with water, they can grow rapidly. While the mold looks terrible when seen - the unseen damage is even more troubling: mold spores in the air can cause allergies and worse. Nasal congestion, sneezing, sniffling, and coughing may all be signs of mold spores in the air. For infants, the elderly, and those with immune system deficiencies, the health concerns are even more pronounced and dangerous

Damage to the home:

While health concerns should be reason enough to be on alert, the amount of damage a water leak can pose to your home's structure is also critical. The most obvious effects of a leak, such as discoloration, stains, and streaks are only the tip of the iceberg. Dig deeper and you'll find the beginnings of frame, flooring, and support beam deterioration.

Finding water leaks in your home is not always such an easy task. Oftentimes, when the signs are beginning to show, the leak has been underway for a long time. Be diligent in checking suspect areas where water pipes are prevalent. A regular inspection beneath your home is also a good idea.

If you have a water leak, leave it to the professionals to fix the problem. At AIR MD, we have plumbing experts that can take care of your problem today. Call us at 784-7106.

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