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AIR MD Maintenance Service Membership

 AIR MD Maintenance Service Membership

AIR MD offers an annual preventive maintenance membership to our customers. This benefit promotes you to Priority Customer and gives you a number of exclusive benefits!

  • Priority Status: moving you to the front of the service call line

  • 20% discount on ALL service repairs (parts)

  • Never pay an overtime fee – no matter what time of DAY or NIGHT

  • Exclusive Precision Tune-Ups

  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

  • Lower Operating Costs

  • Increased Capacity of Existing System

  • Improved Comfort

  • Longer Equipment Life

  • Transferable to Another Location

  • Fewer Repairs

  • Safer System

Additional benefits of maintenance:

Saves energy:
A lot can happen to your heating and cooling units over time, preventing them from performing efficiently. When we inspect your system, we will ensure that it is operating as efficiently as possible...resulting in energy savings.

Avoids unnecessary repairs:

Mechanical components wear out over time. If your system is neglected, it will eventually develop serious problems. By having it maintained twice each year, we find problems before they start...reducing the chances of a failure leaving your home or business with no heating and cooling.

Keeps your home safe:
If you have a gas furnace like many homeowners in West Tennessee, there is a chance that carbon monoxide can leak into your air. When performing preventive maintenance, we identify safety risks and fix any problems before they pose a health threat to your family.

Extends the life of your units:
No one wants to replace their heating and cooling system any sooner then they have to! Preventive maintenance extends the life of your air conditioner and heating system by years!

We strive to provide you the absolute most out of your HVAC maintenance visit: we will complete a full duct cleaning, as well a full cleaning of your dryer vents for maximum prevention.

To find out more, or to sign up for our Maintenance Service Membership, call (731) 784-7106 or send us message via the form below.

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