AIR MD services

 HVAC REPAIR  (residential and commercial)

AIR MD is on call and ready to come repair your sick heating or air system. Our technicians are certified and experienced with all types of residential systems and commercial systems. We can diagnose the problem, suggest options, and get the job done right!

 HVAC INSTALLATION  (residential and commercial)

AIR MD is an independent HVAC dealer, and if your system is beyond repair, or if you are needing a system for a new home or business location, we can get the job done for you. We also have several financial options available.

 PLUMBING & TANKLESS WATER HEATERS  (residential and commercial)

AIR MD now features a professional plumbing department, for residential and commercial plumbing installation, repair, and upgrades. Call us anytime you need plumbing work done. AIR MD also now features TANKLESS WATER HEATERS! Call for information 784-7106.


AIR MD offers an annual preventive maintenance membership to our customers. This benefit promotes you to Priority Customer and gives you a number of exclusive benefits! Click here for the complete list of benefits and to discover how to join today!


AIR MD is a certified air quality tech. We use the industry standard for air quality inspection, AirAdvice. This system detects any problems your home or business may have with heating/cooling, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, allergens, pollutants, and more. This system sees, smells, and detects what you can't...this affordable test can discover problems that could be the reason your family struggles with illnesses and more. 


AIR MD also offers the often overlooked need for annual cleaning of air duct vents and dryer vents. 



AIR MD makes products & services affordable for everyone with financing options via 2 companies.