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We view our HVAC repairs as cured patients!

At AIR MD, we take our repairs seriously. So seriously that we immediately categorize HVAC repairs according to their level of problem....from basic maintenance, to intensive care.

Our technicians are MD' in 'Mechanical Doctors', and are trained to work on any make and model of heating or cooling unit on the market.

No matter what the problem, AIR MD's EMT's (emergency mechanical technicians) will put their expert diagnosis skills to work, recommend the proper remedy, and either get the unit back up & running, or determine if it is time to consider a new unit. AIR MD has two financing institutions available to keep payments affordable.

Your family, or your business environment deserves to be comfortable. AIR MD's talented technicians are able to keep units running for longer-than-expected time, and when necessary, install new units to give you years and years of comfort.

For any problem, for basic maintenance, or to consider new systems, call us at (731) 784-7106. AIR MD......ready when you call!

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