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AFTER the winter storm - then what?

West Tennessee is just starting to see what the ground looks like again, after a week-long winter weather event that left the area covered in snow and ice.

When the thaw begins, however, problems will likely arise.

There may be pipes that had frozen underneath or in the walls of your home or business. It is entirely possible that some pipes froze, while others remained functional. But only after the thaw begins do the leaks become evident. Also what may have been a minor leak, could suddenly become a major one. Our plumbing experts can do the job of discovering and repairing any water leaks on your property.

Likewise, if those bitterly cold days and nights made you realize your heating system isn't up to the on AIR MD to come and do a system check for you. Our heating experts can determine what is wrong with your system and recommend repairs to get it in top notch condition again.

You may learn that venting beneath the home or business suffered from leaks caused by cracks or breaks in the duct-work. AIR MD can find and fix those as well.

Or you may determine that it's time for a new heating system entirely. Not only do we install heating systems of all types, but we can also help you with financing options if needed.

Call us at AIR MD at 784-7106 to schedule an inspection, repairs, and more...from heating systems to plumbing problems.....WE DO IT BEST!


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