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Dryer lint - listen, it's a REAL DANGER!

Every year in the US, almost 14,000 home fires are caused by clothes dryers. Almost 4,000 of those incidents are specifically caused by DRYER LINT! Air MD cleans dryer vents, let us do this job for you right away! Why take a chance??

Are you aware manufacturers suggest you clean lint from the dryer's lint screen not once a month, or once a week, but after EVERY load? They do.

Everything else, from there to the duct work, and through to the exterior exhaust needs to be thoroughly cleaned AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR according to the National Fire Protection Association. Air MD does that. Call them at 784-7106.

Additionally, do you have an accordion-style duct on the back of your dryer? Experts suggest replacing it. They are risky because they can eventually sag, trapping lint in the ridges. A rigid metal duct is much better as the walls are smooth, reducing the chances of lint buildup.

Let us re-state: almost 4,000 FIRES PER YEAR are caused by dryer lint. That's no small number. Don't take the chance. Call Air MD today at 784-7106 and schedule a full dryer vent cleaning.


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