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Scientists warn of risk from air circulation of viruses. We can help prevent that.

As mentioned in this article in the Chicago Tribune, "Potential transmission of the virus through air conditioning and heating systems is the latest issue employers and building owners are focusing on.

Unlike large droplets, which fall to the ground within a few feet, scientists believe smaller droplets can linger in the air and within indoor ventilation systems. More than 200 scientists earlier this month signed an open letter warning that public health agencies such as the WHO and U.S. Centers for Disease Control were ignoring the potential risk of the virus spreading through air circulating indoors."

The article continues with, "ways to improve air quality include:

  • humidity control,

  • boosting the amount of outside air flowing into buildings,

  • improving ventilation in areas such as bathrooms and cafeterias,

  • and upgrading air filters to capture smaller particles.

There also are technologies such as ultraviolet light in air ducts, and filtration systems such as bipolar ionization and non-thermal plasma to help capture contaminants." At AIR MD, we can help you with most, if not all of these issues, services, or upgrades.

Call us today at (731) 784-7106, or click here to contact us with our on-line form. At AIR MD, we are here to keep your living and working space more comfortable and safer.


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