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You know it's coming. The question is: will your heating system be ready? 7 things to watch for!

West Tennessee will absolutely have several more COLD SNAPS before the winter season is over. But is your heating system ready?

There are several common HVAC issues that hit folks when the temperature drops.

1. Frozen Pipes

As temps drop and ice forms, pipes and coils can freeze over and not function properly. Systems like water heaters and radiators can fail as water freezes and stops flowing properly. You can become unhappy pretty quickly when your heating breaks down due to freezing pipes and/or coils. Often, frozen pipes can burst because of the pressure buildup. If that happens, remember AIR MD offers plumbing service as well!

2. Uneven Air Flow & Temps

Have you found that some areas of your home are colder than others? It's not always a heating system problem. When our techs survey your home, we can check for cracks around windowsills and doorways, and other issues that may cause cold spots. If we find that the venting system is faulty, there are remedies for that as well.

3. Heat Pump Malfunction

Many homes get their warmth from exterior heat pumps. Cold winds, and snowfall can sometimes cause them to perform poorly, or can even cause damage...including broken fan motors, coil blockage, or failing to defrost. Our tech will determine your heating system's problem and recommend proper repairs.

4. Dirty Heater Filters

When heaters are used to their maximum during winter months, their filters can get clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris. This leads to decreased air flow and reduced warmth. Our tech will make sure your system's motor and fans are in working order and can inspect and clear or replace the filter.

5. Broken Thermostat

Electronics can also fail during the colder weather. There are many times when a system is not operating properly because of a faulty thermostat. Obviously a heating system won't function properly if the primary component that determines when it should turn on and off is broken. Our tech can determine your problem and suggest repair options.

6. Faulty Pilot Light

Some heaters fully operate only after a pilot light turns on. When the pilot light fails to burn properly or doesn’t burn at all, homes struggle to stay warm while battling cold temperatures.The most common cause for pilot light issues is a damaged or dirty flame sensor.

7. Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Another very serious health hazard is carbon monoxide leaks during the winter months. This poisonous gas is almost impossible to detect. It is odorless and invisible. Carbon monoxide leaks may occur because of cracked or rusted heaters. Our techs can inspect your heating system and recommend proper carbon monoxide detectors to warn your family in the event of a leak.

There is no doubt more cold weather is on the way. Most folks like their indoor temperature average to be in the 68-71 degree range. That means your heating unit will need to maintain a 30 to 35 degree difference between the outdoor temperature and your indoor comfort.

AIR MD can make sure your HVAC, electric or gas unit, is ready for the colder nights that are guaranteed to arrive in West Tennessee. Our service technicians can check to be sure your unit is prepared for what's coming.....or if it's time for you to replace, upgrade, or change your heating unit - we have the top quality products, and trained techs to get your home or business ready. We also have financing options available to help make your budget work.

The first step is to make a simple phone call to (731) 784-7106. Our experts can quickly and easily arrange a visit, our techs will give you an expert opinion, and our crew can get the job done for you on time, and on budget. Make the call today, (731) 784-7106, or click here to send us an email message. We look forward to hearing from you at AIR MD!

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