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11 ways to save on your electric bill!

Since saving energy and saving money are one and the same, AIR MD has some simple ways for you to save both!

1: TURN IT OFF! Use timers to turn off lights, and be aware when leaving a room and leaving home to turn off lights in parts of the home you aren't utilizing.

2: OPEN THE WINDOWS. When it's doable, turn off your AC and open some windows. A fresh breeze blowing through the house can be refreshing and save money at the same time.

3: PULL DOWN YOUR SHADES. Whether your AC is running or not, make it a habit to lower the shades on the sunlit side of the house. Preventing direct sunlight from entering the home naturally keeps it cooler. This also helps reduce the amount of time your AC is running to maintain a consistent temperature.

4: GRILL OUT. Cooking inside during summer not only uses electricity (in most cases), but definitely introduces more heat into your kitchen area. So cook outside when you can and prepare cold or room temperature foods inside, such as salads, fresh veggies and sandwiches.

5: COOLER SHOWERS. Taking a slightly cooler shower or bath not only helps you feel cooler, it also reduces the amount of time you're asking the water heater to work.

6: FAN BLADES. Most ceiling fans have a switcher option for clockwise or counter-clockwise. Most are designed to turn counter-clockwise to force air downward (for spring/summer) and clockwise to pull air upward (fall/winter). Check to be sure your fans are set properly.

7: LEAVE. Go somewhere else during the hot part of the day. Schedule those times to visit the community center, or libary, or to go shopping. Turn your AC down before you leave, spend time away at cooler locales, and return when the temps are cooler.

8: FILL IT UP. When washing dishes or clothes, wait until the load is full before starting. Going through multiple washes when loads are only half full or less, only wastes energy.

9: HAVE IT CHECKED. Get your AC system checked to be sure it is performing properly. Most residents hesitate, waiting instead to call only when problems arise. It is much more prudent to prevent problems before they occur, saving time, and saving money. Call AIR MD at 784-7106 to schedule your check-up today.

10: CLEAN! Check your filters every month and replace them as needed. An air condition unit operating with a dirty filter causes many problems and ultimately costs more energy.

11: LIGHT BRIGHT. As your older incandescent light bulbs go out, replace them with LED bulbs instead. They may be slightly more expensive, but run much cooler, use 25% less energy, and can last many many times longer than the old bulbs.

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