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COLD SNAP! What are the average low temps for West Tennessee?

How cold does it get in West Tennessee in November, December, and January? The weather service has been compiling years and years of data and the average low temperatures for West Tennessee are as follows:

  • November average low temperature in West Tennessee: 38

  • December average low temperature in West Tennessee: 32

  • January average low temperature in West Tennessee: 29

Are you prepared? Most folks like their indoor temperature average to be in the 68-71 degree range. That means your heating unit will need to maintain a 30 to 35 degree difference between the outdoor temperature and your indoor comfort.

AIR MD can make sure your HVAC, electric or gas unit, is ready for the colder nights that are guaranteed to arrive in West Tennessee. Our service technicians can check to be sure your unit is prepared for what's coming.....or if it's time for you to replace, upgrade, or change your heating unit - we have the top quality products, and trained techs to get your home or business ready. We also have financing options available to help make your budget work.

The first step is to make a simple phone call to (731) 784-7106. Our experts can quickly and easily arrange a visit, our techs will give you an expert opinion, and our crew can get the job done for you on time, and on budget. Make the call today, (731) 784-7106, or click here to send us an email message. We look forward to hearing from you at AIR MD!

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