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AAAAAACHOO! It is a cold? Maybe not!

Did you know allergy season in West Tennessee actually started in February? It did indeed. You probably thought your sneezing, runny nose, and irritated eyes were signs of a cold...nope. It is most likely a reaction to the first things in West Tennessee that can cause allergies to fire up...Bradford pear tree and oak tree pollen. In addition, wet soggy conditions also results in an over abundance of mold, and mold is an especially nasty allergen. So while most folks think allergies don't start in West Tennessee until late March or actually starts in February for some folks.

At AIR MD, we can help. Call us for our advice on specific types of filters, and ask about our air quality testing service. We can determine exactly what is causing any household respiratory issues and suggest ways to eliminate them. Call us at (731) 784-7106.


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