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Fall HVAC tune up, 6 reasons why it's important you HAVE THIS DONE!

With fall arriving September 22nd, HVAC maintenance should be on your 'to have done' list, especially considering West Tennessee's unpredictable winter months. Whether your system is only a year old, or ten years old, regular fall tune-ups are important for reliable, efficient performance.

Here are 6 reasons why calling AIR MD at 784-7106 is a smart move:

  • Regularly scheduled tune-ups help make sure your current or extended warranty is valid. Without proper maintenance, most HVAC warranties can be voided. We'd be glad to take a look at your warranty to be sure you are compliant.

  • Getting your heating system maintained improves the safety and health of your family. Potentially harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide) can permeate your home, but AIR MD technicians check for these types of problems to ensure the proper exhaust function of your unit.

  • Reduce your chances of needing heater repair during busy holidays or when bad weather escalates our service call numbers. All HVAC systems are stressed when working hard, so be sure to get your unit serviced before the severe season hits.

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance helps your system live longer. AIR MD techs check for issues while 'under the hood' to make sure your system is running properly.

  • A fall tune-up also helps keep energy costs down during West Tennessee's cold months. According to Energy Star, your HVAC unit can account for nearly 30% of your utility bill. An efficiently running system helps decrease that percentage.

Call us TODAY to schedule your FALL CHECKUP at (731) 784-7106. Don't us now before the weather changes and you discover problems with your system.


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