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NATE Certified Technicians at AIR MD. What it means.

Most homeowners are unaware of the benefits of using an AIR MD 'NATE Certified Technician' until it's too late.

Problems commonly associated with IMPROPER installation or service include: poor indoor air quality, a leading cause of asthma in children, noisy operation, uncomfortable humidity, carbon monoxide poisoning, risk of fire, and inefficient operation which leads to higher utility bills and energy waste. With all of these potential problems, you can't afford to trust just ANY technician.

For SUPERIOR installation and service of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration system, ask for a NATE Certified Technician. At AIR MD, all of our technicians are NATE certified. NATE technicians are professionals who have proven their knowledge in the HVAC industry, by passing rigorous and specialized NATE certification tests. According to Consumer Reports, it's a big plus if your technician is NATE certified.

Your benefits will include lower utility bills due to proper installation and maintenance, fewer callbacks, equipment that runs at peak performance, advice and knowledge of skilled technicians, and the greater peace of mind knowing that your system is properly cared for.

NATE technicians are the finest in the business. Call AIR MD for your next repair, maintenance, or installation at (731) 784-7106. We serve Humboldt, Gibson County, and the surrounding area.


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