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Running your AC when it's 90+ degrees outside. Important info!

When dangerously hot weather comes to West Tennessee, we get advice about how to take care of ourselves and our pets...(click those links for more info).

But what about one of the biggest investments in your home: your AC system?

To make it easier for your home's cooling system to work best when it’s over 90 degrees outside you need to give it some help.

We previously wrote a great blog featuring 11 tips for energy savings in relation to A/C usage. We suggest using as many of those as you can to help your cooling system in this heat.

Basically, it comes down to reducing places where heat gets generated in your home. Some of the basics include:

  • turn your thermostat up a couple degrees and deal with 76 to 78 degree temperatures indoors for a few days.

  • close off unused rooms

  • close doors and vents

  • don’t fire up the oven for a couple of days, eat cool meals, or grill

  • shade your windows on the sunny side of the home

  • don’t run clothes dryer during the heat of the day

  • Install thermal liners on your curtains – they reflect more of the heat back out the window

  • Make sure your attic is properly ventilated, your roof absorbs a lot of heat

  • Vents in the eaves allows hot air to escape. Consider adding a ridge vent or attic fan

  • Use fans – they circulate the air around and moving air help your bodies natural air conditioning (evapo-transpiration) work better

  • Re-Arrange your furniture – make sure chairs and sofa’s are not blocking air flow from your HVAC vents

Anything you can do to keep your home even a little bit cooler, means the A/C doesn't have to run as long for each cooling cycle.

HAVE IT CHECKED. Get your AC system checked to be sure it is performing properly. Most residents hesitate, waiting instead to call only when problems arise. It is much more prudent to prevent problems before they occur, saving time, and saving money.

Call AIR MD at 784-7106 to schedule your check-up today.


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