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We can install this microbe killer in your HVAC system

Homes and businesses across the nation are realizing that proper air flow and air quality are essential in battling the spread of COVID-19.

As mentioned in this article in Fortune Magazine, "Enhanced filtration is just one of a number of measures for mitigating the risk of indoor coronavirus transmission. Others include increasing fresh air flow into a building and enhanced disinfection of surfaces. Another option for increasing indoor air bipolar ionization, which is a relatively simple upgrade for HVAC systems and can kill 99.9% of microbes using charged atoms."

The article also says high quality, high density filters (MERV-13 or higher) are difficult to find, if at all. We mentioned in a previous blog (seen here) that most residential HVAC systems, especially earlier models, aren't prepared for such a dense filter anyway. In fact, it could result in damage to the HVAC system. Since most West Tennessee homes and businesses are fitted with HVAC systems that likely can't properly manage a high density filter, we highly suggest improving air quality through a variety of other methods, including:

  • humidity control,

  • boosting the amount of outside air flowing into buildings,

  • improving ventilation in areas such as bathrooms and cafeterias,


AIR MD features the REME HALO AIR PURIFICATION addition to your system. See the video below.

Call us today at (731) 784-7106, or click here to contact us with our on-line form. At AIR MD, we are here to keep your living and working space more comfortable and safer.


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