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Your air ducts PROBABLY have POLLEN & mold spores!

What lurks in the duct work of your home or business?

Annual cleaning of your air ducts is a vital part of your central unit's maintenance.

It's important to have them cleaned to avoid:

  • Mold growth inside those hard duct surfaces exposed to heat/cold/condensation.

  • Allergy causing pollen from seasonal tree and plant production.

  • Insect and/or rodent nests and travel areas.

  • Dust and debris that can not only cause your system to work harder, but can also create allergy problems for your family, visitors, or employees.

At AIR MD, we utilize the most up to date technology to quickly and efficiently clean your duct work. The Brushbeast Silver from Rotobrush is the high powered machine we use to inspect and clean your air ducts from end to end. See a video about the Brushbeast on our services page here.

Call us TODAY to schedule your cleaning at (731) 784-7106. Don't wait...those critters are setting up house in your duct work right now.


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